Only God Can Turn The Heart Lyrics


We do not know the depths of drink the bitter cup requires. We only ask that in it God would work the purpuse He desires We're asking for a souvereign promise in a perfect time. The Lord would answer token life and start to turn the heart. Only God can turn the heart, redeem the sinner, bring home the lost All Satan stripped away the Lord restores, it is souvereign when God turns the heart He hears you in that secret place interceding on your knees. You've reached desperation for a Soul to be set free. In His presence calm assurance settles deep withín. You released a lamb into the shepherds care, He had the restoration plan The cloke of heaviness you bore you will trade for a garment of joy In Christ will be healing divine and perfect forgivensess you'll find Broken lifes will be mended by Jesus, hopes will be happy again. granted to those who steadfastly believe, know the're confessing the end.



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