Please Forgive Me Lyrics & Chords


Verse 1 My sleep is gone, my heart is full ofsorrow Ican't believe how much I've let you down Idread the pain that waits for metomorrow When the sun reveals my broken dreams scattered on theground Please forgive me, I need your grace to make itthrough All I have isyou, I'm at your mercy Lord, I'llserve you, until my dyingday Help others find theway, at your mercy, pleaseforgive me Verse 2 I can't believe the God of earth and glory Would take the time to care for one like me But I read in the Bible that old story How He plead for my forgiveness while he was dying on a tree Chorus Please forgive me. I need your grace to make it through All I have is you. I'm at your mercy Lord, I will serve you, until my dying day And help others find the way at your mercy Please forgive me



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