Room With A View Lyrics & Chords


Verse 1 (Db)We read about heaven In all of its (Gb)glo(Db)ry The story is (Bm)true John was (Eb)able to (Ab)see It's (Db)shining perfection In (F)every di(Bm)rection Down (Gb)some golden (Db)street There's a (Ebm)place (Db)just (Gb)for (Ab)me Chorus (Ab)I'll have a (Db)room with a (Ab)view What (B)sights I will (Gb)see there The (Ab)saints of all (Bm)ages They will (Eb)kneel at his (Ab)feet (Ab)Around the throne But in (F)my new (Bm)home When I look out the (Abm)Window (Db)I (Gb)see The (Db)face of my (Eb)king (Db)Just (Gb)one look will (Db)do To (EbM)prove its a (Ab)room A (Gb)room with a (Db)view Verse 2 There's only one reason Why I'll have a home there I'll go there because Jesus died for my sins And though I'm not worthy And so undeserving Because of God's grace He will welcome me in Of all of the things there to see Nothing else matters to me Chorus I'll have a room with a view What sights I will see there The saints of all ages They will sit at his feet Around the throne But in my new home When I look out the Window I see The face of my king Just one look will do To prove its a room A room with a view



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